This Little Teapot @ Paper Plane

Jordan Clark

Doors opened slightly late to Paper Plane Gallery in Rozelle and the waiting crowd entered tentatively to find a teapot fantasia! Curator Rebecca Murphy sent each of the artists a teapot which they were to decorate and create a matching artwork. The results were incredible and this exhibition was one of the best group shows we’ve seen – contemporary, imaginative and filled with artists skilled in their respective fields. (We’re sorry about delay in posting this – a lot of things got lost in the haze of the loooong weekend).

UPDATE: We’ve been contacted by a few people and have added artist names to the works. Thanks y’all!

We were disappointed that the artworks had no citations and there were no room sheets ready by the time we left: we’ve had to leave these works untitled. If one of these is yours, please hit us in the comments or contact us so we can add your details! We had expected rather similar painted teapots and were happily surprised by the incredible lengths that some of the artists had gone to make the teapot their own.

Hannah Fenton


Hannah Fenton (detail of teapot)


Centre: Kaitlin Beckett. Left: Lizzie Hall. Right: Emma Kidd.


Centre: Tez. Left: Lizzie Hall. Right: Rebecca Murphy.


More than this, the accompanying artwork was generally exceptional.

Centre: Caitlin Shearer. Left: Tabitha Emma. Right: West.


Beth Josey


There was a great turn out, but considering the number and calibur of artists exhibiting that wasn’t entirely unexpected.

We love group shows and the opportunities they provide to emerging artists, but all too often they’re just a hodge-podge collection of poorly executed artworks (which we don’t bother posting!). Lately however we have noticed that curators are taking their job more seriously and This Little Teapot is another example that group shows can be cohesive and artistically excellent, so thank you Paper Plane Gallery. We’ll see you next time.


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  2. Rebecca

    Whew! Apologies for not having the citations up, they went up during the night. A spilt drink and a printer malfunction is a terrible thing.

    Thanks for coming out, and I’m glad you enjoyed the show!

  3. Rebecca

    1 – Jordan Clark
    2 – Hannah Fenton
    3 – Hannah Fenton
    4 – Kaitlin Beckett in the middle, Aramas to the left, Emma Kidd to the right
    5 – TEZ in the middle, Lizzie Hall to the left, Rebecca Murphy (me!) to the right
    6 – Caitlin Shearer in the middle, Tabitha Emma to the left, West to the right
    7 – Lizzie Hall, TEZ, Rebecca Murphy, Beth Josey, Alex Louisa
    8 – Beth Josey
    9 – (left to right) Jordan Clark, Ellen Stapleton, Aramas, Kaitlin Beckett, Emma Kidd
    10 – (left to right) Jessica Klingelfuss, Kirbee Lawler, Matthew Roland, Tabitha Emma, Caitlin Shearer, West, Tiger, Mz Katii, Lauren Carney, Jessica Singh, Ian Mutch, Andros
    11 – (left to right) Sarah Holmes, Jessica Klingelfuss, Kirbee Lawler, Matthew Roland
    12 – crowd
    13 – (right to left) Ian Mutch, Jessica Singh, Lauren Carney, Mz Katii, Tiger, West
    14 – (left to right) Kat White, Hannah Fenton, The Bold Italics, Lizzie Hall, TEZ, Rebecca Murphy, Beth Josey
    15 – crowd
    16 – crowd

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